Saturday Galley Proofing


It’s a beautiful and relatively warm Saturday. (for October)  Kids are out playing. Grown ups are out playing. I can see them and I can hear them. And what am I doing? I’m in my studio, sitting at a computer, and reading The Hatbox Murders, which I’ve already read and edited nearly a dozen times over the last two years. Writing is work. Galley proofing is my final chance to help the editors and publisher ensure that everything is perfect. And that’s a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Galley Proofing

  1. Love your dog’s expression. He’s saying, “let’s go play.” I have two Aussies that sit behind my chair until one noses me to get up.
    What is Galley proofing?

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    1. She is a relentless player and we call this express her “love gaze.” Galley proofing is just the final read-through that everyone on the project does before the book goes to print. This is my first book to be published and I’m really excited with the whole process.


  2. The first time you go through the process and see your book come alive is the biggest dream come true! I should have recognized the term Galley proofing. Yes, the last chance to fine tuning your story. Congrats!

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