Agatha Christie stamps


So, I’ve been wanting these Royal Mail stamps since I first heard of them a few months back. I mean, what mystery-nerd wouldn’t? Each one is a plot, complete with clues, to one of Christie’s classic whodonits. I’m enchanted. But I’m also in the U.S. So, with some hints and bribes, my brother very sweetly sent these over. Yesss! At first I’d imagined I could lacquer each one onto it’s own bookmark (I’m not actually into stamp collecting). But now that I see them, they’re just a little to wonderful for crafting. Framing, maybe. hmmm.

2 thoughts on “Agatha Christie stamps

  1. I used to collect stamps as a child but then they were on all our letters. Now it seems very rare to actually get a letter with a stamp. But if they are still making lovely sets like these, hopefully stamp collecting won’t die out. Neither of my boys were interested in the idea

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    1. I’m not a collector myself, just a Agatha Christie fan. Although I just bought some other cool stamps. But thy’re for a craft and gift project, so I still can’t claim to be a collecting them:-)
      I think stamps that have been mailed are cooler, they have history.


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