galley proofs complete

20161107_162151For the last couple weeks, I’ve been reviewing the final stage of my book before it gets published. This is the first time I’ve seen the cover, the font, and the layout. In some ways it’s exactly what I expected. In other ways, there are finished details I hadn’t thought to imagine. At this stage, everyone who’s been involved in the process, has a final chance to check the digital galley proofs. In a few months, my book will exist in paperback. It’s an exciting time for me, but I’m also busy with my regular life. My editor and I have begun the editing work on the next book. We have a relatively short window to finish three compete passes before it goes to to her editor for approval and I’m feeling the deadline. I feel like I should say that the whole thing is completely surreal, but it isn’t. It’s yet another fun stage and a heap of work which has followed many other fun and laborious stages of work. Of course, I’m excited but the ongoing effort keeps me firmly on the ground. Writing a book, like most other things that are worth doing, is work. It’s a lot of work. That said, I’m very lucky.

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