the breadth of creativity

We humans are innately creative. We don’t all experience it the same way, and some of us are uncomfortable about it, (See: social stigmas we picked up when we were six) but creativity is as human as breathing oxygen.

Everyone agrees some things are creative, (the usual suspects includes music, literature, visual arts). And it’s easy to overlook other abstract but amazing forms of creativity. Einstein, Galileo, and Newton all advanced science by imaging the world; same thing for Edison, the Wright Brothers, and Braille). And this applies to our modern thinkers and innovators as well. Patents. Laws. Computer programs. Look at the Nobel prize winners: lots and lots of creativity.

Creativity is how we humans get things done. And it’s usually around when we’re having fun. It exists in the obvious and in the unexpected places. And it’s something we each own, regardless of how we choose to express it.


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