the art of respect

It’s a big crazy world and there are loads of people doing ridiculous, even hurtful things all the time. Today, things were said. I wasn’t on the receiving end of that action, but I feel for the person who was.

Situations like this always makes me wonder what the offender was thinking. Are some people oblivious to the meanness of their own actions? Or, did this person actually manage to convince themselves that they were somehow entitled to make such public remarks? What happened to just being nice?

It’s puzzling. I guess because I believe most people are essentially pretty good. We should all know well before adulthood that criticism, when it’s appropriate and constructive, should be given privately. A public and deliberate critique is unnecessarily hurtful and it’s seldom, if ever, warranted.

I don’t pretend to understand human nature, but I do try to remind myself that mean people probably do what they do because that’s what they thought it was best. It’s sad that their skills and reasoning are distorted that they actually believe that meanness is the answer. And it’s a good reminder for me to be respectful to people. First of all, it isn’t that hard. And secondly, it’s the only action that will leave me feeling good.

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