Protecting my Historical Setting

This summer, I took a refreshing but much-too-brief vacation in the Pacific Northwest. It’s always a delight to go home and visit so many memorable places and people I love. Even if I hadn’t grown up in the area, it’s just a awesome place to vacation. But I have to admit that there’s always a tiny nagging fear when I go home.

Since my mysteries take place in a Seattle of the past (or more specifically, in my imaginary 1950s Seattle) I’m always afraid that the real, modern city will somehow corrupt the historical one in my mind. Of course, this isn’t a logical fear. And fortunately, it never happens.

The two places exist, one as a actual location and the other one in my mind. The real Seattle is bigger and grander than ever, and now that I’m back home I’m antsy to “visit” the other Seattle again by jumping into my next Elliott Bay Mystery.  🙂

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