Bouchercon Anthology 2020

California Schemin’ The 2020 Bouchercon Anthology


Jennifer Berg, “Schemes in the Dark”

David Boop, “Call Before You Die”

Chris Dreith, “Old Soles”

Dixon Hill, “No Postman, No Doorbell”

Kim Keeline“California Fold’em”

Ellen Clair Lamb, “The Assistant”

Richard Koreto, “The Hollywood Gangster”

Joyce Krieg, “Last Call at the Zanzibar”

Eileen Rendahl, “A Spoonful of Poison”

Christopher Ryan, “Hellhounds Hollywood Demons”

Linda Townsdin, “Re-entry”

Gabriel Valjan, “Elysian Fields”

Carrie Voorhis, “The Fandancer’s First Murder”

California Schemin’ will be available from the publisher, Wildside Press, as well as online booksellers.

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