Cali the Comet


And speaking of gratitude, (my current theme) I’m so lucky to have this little beast in my life.

When Cali the Comet came us, she was a clueless puppy, full of charm and magic. Now she’s a big six year old who still loves to play, snuggle, and eat sticks. (No, I don’t call sticks food and neither does the vet. I do my best to prevent Cali from eating sticks, and Cali does her best to eat them despite me.)

Anyway, the point is that this silly animal makes me smile every day. Technically, Cali is an Appenzeller Swiss Mountain Dog. She’s similar to the Greater Swiss MDs except that she’s only 50 lbs and knee high. But effectively, Cali is a sweet and loving companion, and I’m very lucky to have her.

Saturday Galley Proofing


It’s a beautiful and relatively warm Saturday. (for October)  Kids are out playing. Grown ups are out playing. I can see them and I can hear them. And what am I doing? I’m in my studio, sitting at a computer, and reading The Hatbox Murders, which I’ve already read and edited nearly a dozen times over the last two years. Writing is work. Galley proofing is my final chance to help the editors and publisher ensure that everything is perfect. And that’s a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Saturday.