Editing fatique

With The Hatbox Murders and The Tugboat Murder both coming out next week, I’ve just finished a final-final read of each–just in case. Besides that, my editor and I have been editing The Charlatan Murders for several months now and we’ve still got plenty to do. While it’s a good problem to have, at this … More Editing fatique

Friday editing

Today is going fantastically well. First, I managed to knock out several items from my bottomless Gotta-Do list. Not all of it, but enough to keep my life from unraveling into chaos. A relaxing lunch with time to think and then the sun came out. Now I can jump into my work; a class I’m … More Friday editing

oh, typo, joyful typo

I probably shouldn’t be quite so happy about this…. BUT after so many hours spent editing and re-reading and triple checking HATBOX, after so many polite mentions from my editors pointing out my absurd and ridiculous mistakes, (Did I actually write that???), and after I commit to do it all over again with CHARLATAN, it’s … More oh, typo, joyful typo