Green (with envy)

I’ve been think it over and I’ve realized that I’m seriously jealous of my future self. First of all, she’s crazy organized. She’s super accomplished, very well-read, and thoroughly adventurous. I’m mean, that woman really has it all together. I think she can probably salsa dance too. Wow. Okay, enough of that. Back to editing.

Thursday Thoughts

This week month, my life is a seemingly endless pile of editing work and right now I’d rather being doing… well almost anything, else. (Like actually writing). “Writing” isn’t always fun, but it is what I’ve work for.

Editing fatique

With The Hatbox Murders and The Tugboat Murder both coming out next week, I’ve just finished a final-final read of each–just in case. Besides that, my editor and I have been editing The Charlatan Murders for several months now and we’ve still got plenty to do. While it’s a good problem to have, at this … More Editing fatique

Agatha Raisin

After a recommendation from another mystery fan, I’m reading my very first Agatha Raisin. M.C. Beaton’s storytelling is smooth and enjoyable, but I haven’t quite clicked with Mrs. Raisin herself. The character is funny, yes, but she’s also a bit grumpy, petty and even rude. Still, the expansive series has a huge following, so I … More Agatha Raisin

Winter gray

I love this time of year: short days, cool weather, and a fair helping of gray skies. It’s not as cold here in California as some parts of the world, but this kind of weather is still a great excuse to curl up with a good mystery by the fire. Oh, and add a cup … More Winter gray