From the Ground Up

20161227_123753I always want to be influenced by nature. The changing colors and textures of the seasons are too wonderful to overlook. Besides that, they provide an endless source of inspiration and contemplation -perfect for workday down-time and creative diversions.

This Christmas, I’m being charmed with wild mushrooms and asparagus fern.

How awesome is that?

Winter sunshine

I love the cold. I love rain and drizzle, and since I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, I know plenty of words for describing various nuances of precipitation. I’m not enamored with snow, but that has more to do with an aversion to laborious shoveling. But I love overcast skies because clouds spark ideas in my head unlike anything else I’ve ever known. Reading, writing, sipping tea, and sitting by the fire are all activities fitting gray weather. And you need all of that grayness, so that you can savor those precious and magical moments when the sun comes out in middle of winter, and it hits the damp ground and illuminates the world with a warm glow. With its stark contrast, it’s one of the best things of all.

Enter the holidays

20161129_113335Originating from the great green north, I’ve always found California Christmases a tiny bit challenging. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sunshine as much as the next person (well, nearly as much as the next person) and I admit that there’s a certain appeal to strolling along a cool yet sunny beach in the middle of winter. But, truth be told, I like scarves and sweaters, and not just because they give me something to knit. (Scarves are the easiest thing in the world to knit 😉 I like weather that’s cold enough to justify mulled wine and fuzzy slippers. And I like curling up on the couch by the fire with a wonderful Agatha Christie mystery. I find that books read differently in wintertime and I miss that, too. But life is life, I’m lucky enough to have my life in southern California. So, I’ll celebrate. Bring out the garland and the cheer. Deck the halls. I’ll walk in the sunshine and admire the snow themed lawn decorations. (There are many!) And should the thermometer happen to dip, I’ve got my scarves ready.